Man, how cool is Bill Murray? In an attempt to keep this post explicit but PG-13, we'll just say the guy is off the charts. Thanks to one fan's slick editing skills, you can get a full dose of Murray awesomeness in under two minutes.

A big FW shout out to the YouTube user EclecticMethod for making this snazzy video tribute to one of America's greatest comedic exports.  Choice bits from some of his best films have been stitched together into a musical montage of Murray-isms.

Since way back in the early days of 'Saturday Night Live,' this guy has been making us laugh with his unique delivery and infectious personality. It appears that no matter the role, Murray can steal the spotlight without effort (which is why his absence from the upcoming "Ghostbusters 3" is particularly damning).

And while SNL certainly did wonders for his career, it wasn't until his jump into movies occurred that we were given a taste of his electrifying range. It's hard to narrow in on a favorite Murray film, especially when this video offers such an array of options to choose from.

From the screwball comedy 'Caddyshack' to the loosey-goosey literary adaptation 'Scrooged' to artier efforts such as 'Lost In Translation,' Murray's abilities onscreen are seemingly limitless -- in case you still have any doubts about that, the actor's next role will be as Franklin D. Roosevelt in the historical romantic romp 'Hyde Park on Hudson.'

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