Bill Murray is known for having a good time at sporting events. The funnyman is always the highlight of the annual Pebble Beach Golf Tournament and his antics at Wrigley Field are the best thing that's happened to the Chicago Cubs in years. So it's little surprise that he'd show up at a pick-up kickball.

Murray even randomly popped up at the Harvard Cornell football game last year and ended up conducting both schools' marching bands.

But it turns out you don't have to be at some fancy venue to have Murray crash your sporting event. As you can see in the photo above, the 'Ghostbusters' star was perfectly happy to drop in on a kickball game that took place in a Brooklyn park.

The photo, which was posted on College Humor employee Marina Cockenberg's blog, comes with no explanation other than "My friend just had Bill Murray crash his kickball league."

If it was any other actor, we'd want to know the how and why of the photo. Not so much with Bill Murray. That's just what he does.

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