Bill Murray, iconic funny man and long-time part owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, was recently inducted into the South Atlantic League Baseball Hall of Fame, to both our surprise and his.

"I don't understand why I'm being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I'm not going to say no," he said after taking the podium and proceeding with a speech that was not only funny, but also heartfelt, sincere and truly inspiring.

Of course, being the comedian we all know, he sported the most absurd outfit he could find (plaid on plaid? Not making it work this time, Murray) and began with a very comical, "I was not sure about the dress code."

Murray's speech included talks of his first time going to baseball games, finding out where his love for the sport began and even his admiration for the many people involved in the game.

In between his sincerities he proved to us just how funny he still is, something easily seen by his recent rain-delay dance steps just last week.

"No one's ever asked me to be in a Hall of Fame before. This is a first, so I'm going all the way with it." Naturally, the crowd ate it up.

As the speech rolled on over roughly 13 minutes, none of which was anything less than moving, Bill ended explaining:

Living the game of life, you can make it a lot more interesting if you make it a game for yourself. It's not a rehearsal. It's not practice. It's real. This life is real. This is the real thing. If you can stay light and stay loose and stay relaxed, you can play at the very highest level as a baseball player and as a human being."

Wow, talk about inspirational!

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