While Bill Murray is one of our greatest actors, doing lots of low-budget indie films -- like his latest effort 'Moonrise Kingdom'-- doesn't quite pay the bills. That's where his new get rich quick scheme comes in. 

"I've been doing these art films and it's killing me financially," the acting legend explained during his appearance on 'Late Night With David Letterman.' "I tip heavy, I dress like a king. The numbers just spiral."

But don't worry -- Murray thinks he has figured out a way to continue doing quality films while maintaining his extravagant lifestyle. And on Letterman, Murray revealed a hologram version of himself which he will send-- for a fee, of course-- to music festivals around the country.

Check out the innovation, which was inspired by the notorious Tupac Shakur hologram that wowed and creeped out the crowd at Coachella earlier this year.

Hologram Bill Murray plays the banjo, which seems sufficiently quirky. However, at this point, the image is far from an expert at its instrument. So it will probably need some more practice before it can pull in the really big bucks for Murray.

Speaking of spooky looking things, later in the interview Letterman asked Murray if we will ever see a 'Ghostbusters 3'

"You just gotta have a really good script," Murray responded. "It's hard."

But then the 61-year-old seemed to open up to the possibility. "Well, I think … we’ll try again," he added. "I always drag my feet on it."

Hmm, we think what he is trying to say is that if it ends up being a bad script he'll just get Hologram Bill Murray to do the three-quel.

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