The internet has been ablaze with stories about the woman in Spain who was supposedly hired to fix an ancient painting of Jesus. After her refurbishing job, the public was outraged (and amused) to see the resulting 'Potato Jesus.' It looked... well, weird, to say the least. Thanks to rising 'SNL' star Kate McKinnon, the artist has finally made a stunning 'Weekend Update' debut.

Since people love a train wreck, now of course everyone's flocking to see Potato Jesus, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars for the church. Ever-clueless, the real-life Cecilia Gimenez has hired a lawyer to obtain her cut of the profits. Last night McKinnon hilariously played the part of the artist, explaining how Jesus came to her in a dream with his "monkey face" and scarf-like hair, granting divine permission to update the painting.

The sketch peaked when McKinnon brought out a portrait of Seth Meyers, the segment's host. Between the two, we think Jesus came out looking much better. Too bad this story is so topical to current events, because McKinnon's portrayal is one we'd love to see more of in the future.