Well she's got big brass ones, that's for sure. First Cecilia Gimenez basically ruined Elias Garcia Martinez's painting 'Ecce Homo,' aka 'Potato Jesus,' and now she wants to get paid for it. Brass ones.

The church with the fresco she "repaired" became a bit of a tourist hotspot and started charging visitors nearly five dollars to have a peak at the painting, which is now an internet sensation, since frankly what she's done to it is hilarious. Gimenez wants a piece of the pie, and has lawyers working on her case, but she says any money she gets paid she will donate to Muscular atrophy charities.

At the same time, Martinez's family says they are going to sue Gimenez for destroying the painting, and the Sancti Spiritus Hospital Foundation, which owns the church, has hired lawyers to protect their right to the money they make from visitors. So many lawsuits. Just the way Jesus would've wanted!

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