The high point of last night's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' (with guest host Jamie Foxx) was probably the Academy Award winner's portrayal of the not-so-popuar Hostess snack, Ding Dong. 

During the 'Weekend Update' segment, 'Dong' expressed his dismay for the lack of love for his kind while the Twinkie reigns as king. Sadly, due to financial woes over at Hostess, those days are over.

The sketch was funny throughout, but the climax undoubtedly occurred when Foxx broke character at the mention of his rap single alongside Dr. Dre and Sug Gar. You may not be able to find an actual Ding Dong in the near future, but keep your eyes peeled for a copy of Ding Dong's mixtape, 'Cake Up: Volume One!"

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