Did you catch the premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' last night? If you didn't, you totally missed out on an inevitable (and hilarious) parody of the TLC show 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.'

As 'Weekend Update' host Seth Meyers pointed out, the trashy TLC hit earned higher ratings than both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. It's not even November yet, but it looks like the people have already spoken!

The characters were played by cast members Vanessa Bayer (Alana, aka "Honey Boo Boo") and Bobby Moynihan (Mama June). Moynihan played up the immense oddities of Mama perfectly, offering inane commentary on the US Presidential candidates. Of course, the best moment was when Moynihan and Bayer began speaking in the babble that the show's audiences have become so accustomed to.

If you haven't seen the show on TLC -- good for you -- the Honey Boo Boo family tends to be a bit... incoherent, hence the incessant (and oh-so-necessary) subtitles.