As the 37th season of 'Saturday Night Live' came to a close this weekend, so did Kristen Wiig's seven-year run on the show. It was an emotional moment for the cast, who all got up at the end to say their tearful goodbyes to the veteran funny girl.

Being that May is the time when high school and college seniors are donning their cap and gowns, so too did the 'SNL' actors. Led by host Mick Jagger, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and the rest of the gang each took the stage alongside Wiig to send her off into the world with a spotlight dance to "She's Like a Rainbow."

It wasn't until Bill Hader came up that Wiig started to let the tears fly, which was when the rest of us watching at home did as well. In addition, former 'SNL' members, like Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, all came back to celebrate all she has done for the show.

We're all going to miss her Patricia Krentcil, Lisa Minnelli, Jamie Lee Curtis, Suze Orman and all her other spot-on impressions. Thanks for the good times, Kristen Wiig.