It's 1982 on 'Saturday Night Live' and Liza Minnelli (played by Kristen Wiig) and her fella Jonah Hill have tickets to see the Broadway musical 'Cats.' But before they can leave their swanky apartment they need to turn off some of the lamps.

While this normally wouldn't be a problem, Minnelli seemed a little too -- how should we say? -- jittery. "I just need to find the clicker or the switch that turns this whole cuckoo thing down," she told her date as she spent about three minutes struggling to do just that.

Wiig's impersonation of Minnelli, which she's done on the show numerous times before, was spot on as usual. She really nailed the legendary performer's old Hollywood colloquialisms and apparent prescription pill haze.

However, at this point, the question becomes, How much of 'SNL's' audience even knows what Minnelli sounds like in real life? If younger fans don't even know who Billy Crystal is, how would they possibly know anything about Minnelli.