In case you've just joined us, we're pitting the internet's favorite animals against each other in the ultimate March Madness competition. Round one is over, and the Sweet Sixteen are in -- and we have our Elite 8!

Poor Lil Bub – she shriveled under Grumpy Cat’s disapproving glare (Grumpy Cat is just annoyed that she has to stay in this stupid game). Keyboard Cat has played Nyan Cat off of this bracket, and goes on to face the music in Round 2. Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog, beat out Maru, the Internet’s Favorite Cat. And in the bracket of the bizarre, Beyonce suffered from a lack of name recognition as the Screaming Goats scream into the lead.

So who's ready for Round two?

TheFW Internet Animals ROUND 2
Christine Gritmon


Grumpy Cat no doubt feels that the upcoming struggle with Keyboard Cat is beneath her, but she'll suffer through and make us all pay for this ridiculousness later. The matchup between Henri the Existential Cat and Boo the World’s Cutest Dog sheds some light on the eternal struggle between enlightenment and shallow pleasures. And imagining Ceiling Cat and Surprised Kitty in a room together is just too adorable. No matter who wins, WE are the real winners here. Vote below, and help us determine the Internet Animals Final Four!

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