Nyan Cat

Internet Hits, Muzak Style
There's nothing like a good "Rick Roll" to improve your airport experience. Except for, you know, getting bumped up to first class free of charge. But let's be realistic -- that's not going to happen.
Is the ‘Pizza Robot Song’ the New Nyan Cat?
Although we respect it as one of the most enduring memes ever, we never understood the allure of Nyan Cat. But what about 'Robot Pizza Song,' which is essentially the same thing? Now this is something we can really get behind. Let us explain.
Wanna See a Real-Life Nyan Cat? [PHOTO]
Remember that animated video about the stray cat transforming itself into a real-life Nyan Cat? Well, now we don't have to try anymore to recreate that moment. There's a much easier way to produce your very own, live Nyan Cat.
Nyan Cat — Everything You Need to Know [IMAGES, VIDEO]
Nyan Cat is an animated half-cat/half-Pop-Tart flying through the stars with a rainbow shooting out of its butt. Hey, you asked.
It's not the first popular animation of a cat, but it became particularly popular after the original animated gif was paired with Momo Momo's version of the …
Stray Cat Transforms Into Nyan Cat in Animated Short [VIDEO]
What cat doesn't dream of viral video fame? In this animated short, a stray feline finds out that becoming an internet meme sensation, like the Nyan Cat, sometimes happens when you least expect it.
Watch how this kitty with a hard-knock life makes the glamorous transformation from street wandere…