You'd never know that this adorable, limp-tongued, doe-eyed bundle of joy that goes by the name Lil Bub had anything wrong with her. In fact, some might even call her a cat lover's dream come true -- her dad sure thinks so.

Have you figured out yet why she's so unique?

Okay, enough guessing. Lil Bub is what's called a "perma-kitten," which means she'll stay the same kitten size and retain all her adorable kitten features for her entire life. On top of that, she's considered a dwarf because of her disproportionately small limbs, and she also has additional toes and zero teeth. All this comes together to create one of the cutest little cats we've ever seen.

Here's some fast facts about Lil Bub that you might enjoy -- she hails from Bloomington, IN; has her own line of merchandise, including t-shirts, canvas bags and buttons; loves yogurt and beards; and has been known to climb up furniture like Spider-Man.

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Lil Bub

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