Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Movies We'd watch
When news hit that Grumpy Cat would soon have her own feature film, our (pun-happy) imaginations immediately took off. Would it be a family film like 'Garfield,' or something more along the lines of '28 Grams' (pleasepleaseplease)? We realize we don't have much control over this, but perhaps the producers would be willing to consider these ideas below when they start work on the franchise. Read Mo
Grumpy Cat: The Movie
Everyone's favorite miserable cat is finally getting her own movie. No, not Garfield. There have been two Garfield movies already. Where have you been? But it has been announced that Tard herself, aka Grumpy Cat, is the inspiration for a 'Garfield'-like live-action movie.
Alison Brie is All the Memes
Here's just what you need today -- a little lighthearted internet humor. And there's really nobody better to deliver it than 'Community' and 'Mad Men' star Alison Brie.
Grumpy Cat March Madness!
In probably the least suspenseful competition of all, Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) has dominated our March Madness Internet Animal bracket just like she’s come to dominate the rest of the Internet. She doesn’t understand all the hoopla but is wondering if her new title gives her the authority to cause pain to all involved.
Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat!
Happy birthday, Grumpy Cat! Can you believe that Tardar Sauce, the internet's least excited feline is only a year old? We figured she was like 115 in cat years. With Grumpy Cat taking over our computer screens, we figured it was only a matter of time before she took over our TV and movie screens as well...
Kids React to Grumpy Cat
If you've had your fill of Grumpy Cat videos, why not take it to the next level and watch a video of children watching Grumpy Cat videos? It's basically doubling up on cute. There's the bit of Tardar Sauce herself, which we know is adorable, then there are kids giggling, which is obviously not as adorable as a kitty, but maybe that's because there's a big block of ice where our heart is supposed t
March Madness Animal Bracket
In case you've just joined us, we're pitting the internet's favorite animals against each other in the ultimate March Madness competition. Round one is over, and the Sweet Sixteen are in -- and we have our Elite 8!
Meet Grumpy Toad
Hey, don't get us wrong -- clearly we lurv Grumpy Cat. But variety is the spice of life. With that in mind, allow us to introduce you to Grumpy Toad, an equally grumpy-looking animal, with a proclivity for amphibious puns. He's like Grumpy Cat, but this way you get to say "I Toad You So" or something like that for an added layer of humor. But that's not all.
TheFW’s March Madness Brackets – Best Internet Animals
It's March Madness once again, and you know what that means -- tons and tons of brackets on the internet. Anyone can root for a 16th seeded team to finally pull off a Cinderella upset on a first-seeded team (we had to look that up), but what if you could actually DO something to help make it happen besides sacrificing chicken wings at a makeshift voodoo altar while watching the game? Here at TheFW
Internet Cats for Charity
Let's just admit the internet exists for cats. Not scientific research. Cats. Fortunately for us, 13 of the internet's most famous cats are teaming up ... to raise money for charity. We know -- we were a little concerned it might be a "kill all the humans"-style takeover of Earth too. We're getting off easy this time -- all they want us to do is buy a deck of cards!

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