Maru the Cat Finally Gets Commercial Deal
It was only a matter of time before somebody needed a cat that would climb into a box for a commercial. Now that that's finally happened, internet famous feline Maru is starring in a Uniqlo commercial for one of their San Francisco locations. And there are lots of boxes. And Maru. Plus prizes!
Internet Star Maru the Cat Sits In, Wears a Box [VIDEO]
This video of Maru, the adorable cat whose box-loving antics have been well-documented on YouTube, takes the kitty's obsession with cardboard to a whole new level. Not only does the cat wear a box, but he does so while sitting in a box at the same time. Wow! That's quite the artistic state…
See Internet-Famous Cat Maru in Slow-Motion [VIDEO]
If you've paid even the smallest amount of attention to the cat video scene on the internet in past couple of years, chances are you've seen a little bit of Maru. This Japanese Scottish Fold has garnered over 100 million views since he began sliding into and out of boxes on YouTube in 2008. Still…