Almost five years after his first video, Henri the existential French cat is back to ponder the meaning of his sad existence as a house cat. And his ennui, it turns out, is worse than ever. Pauvre chaton!

Indeed, Henri's malaise is in full effect in this hilarious parody of arty black-and-white French films. He complains about the "torment" of tasty snacks left just out of reach, idly wonders why he remains a pet when he's free to leave at any time and refers to another cat as "the white idiot." "I'm surrounded by morons," he says, irritably.

But it's not all weariness and boredom for Henri. He's learned several valuable lessons from his life of torture, he says. For example, shaving cream isn't edible no matter how tasty it looks and a closed cat door requires caution lest you bang your head.

Still, it doesn't seem that Henri will ever free himself from this bleak emotional state. "We cannot escape ourselves," he says while gazing mournfully into a mirror. Well, at least he gets the occasional taste of cat nip.

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