Lindsay Lohan has packed a lot of hard living into her 25 years. And the wear and tear of a tabloid lifestyle shows in this "face morph" video that tracks Lilo from infancy to the present day.

The concept is similar to that of the Britney Spears face morph video which hit the Web a few weeks ago. Like Britney, Lohan was a child star, so there are pictures of her from better times floating around. And, like Britney, some of the photos Lindsay has appeared in are from what can best be described as "the worst of times."

Lindsay certainly isn't looking her best as the video ends. (And the ominous music isn't helping.) But since she was recently mistaken for 66-year-old Debbie Harry, this is not necessarily a case of the video editor cherry-picking photos to make LiLo look bad.

However, things have been looking up for Lohan lately. She hosted 'SNL' last month, her probation officially came to an end last week and she will be guest-starring on 'Glee' this spring. So maybe this run of good fortune will be reflected in a more age-appropriate complexion. It would also probably help if Lindsay got a really good make-up artist.

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