The Lindsay Lohan comeback tour is more than just this weekend's much ballyhooed stop on 'Saturday Night Live.' She also sat down for an interview with 'Today's' Matt Lauer, which aired Thursday.

'Today' had been teasing their high-profile "get" all week, and Conan O'Brien made a little mischief with those promos Wednesday night. (One has to imagine Conan takes particular glee in spoofing NBC shows such as 'Today.')

Before we talk about what Conan did with the interview, you should watch Lohan's awkward 'Today' show appearance (in two parts) below. Is it just us or is she looking an awful lot like fellow tabloid queen Nicole Richie?

As for Conan's take, his team edited the interview so it seemed like Lauer was asking Lohan a hard-hitting question about America's relationship with Pakistan. And, actually, Lohan's 'no comment" style answers ended up being just as coherent as any we've heard on that confusing situation.

So, if Lindsay aces 'SNL' on Saturday, maybe we should send her over to that trouble region to do a little diplomacy.

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