It's been six long years since Lindsay Lohan hosted 'Saturday Night Live,' and it seems as though she's trying to reclaim some of her former glory from before the days of court-ordered community service. That's probably why for her fourth time as the host this weekend the 'SNL' cast put some precautionary measures in place to make sure she didn't - how should we say? - fall off the wagon.

We all had faith that the reformed Lohan would pull off an incredible show, but just to be on the safe side, Kristen Wiig went in for a pat-down. You know, to made sure she didn't have any secret flask on her. Clearly, this made the 'Mean Girls' star a little on edge, but Wiig's a professional and knows how to cover her tracks (i.e. proclaiming she's a lesbian).

Even then, Lohan still didn't feel like everyone was trusting her to do a good job. But what else could have possibly tipped her off to that? Oh, right, it must have been Jimmy Fallon's surprise appearance and the fact he let slip that Jon Hamm was the backup host. So close, guys. So close.

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