While many have hoped that Lifetime's biopic about the elegant Elizabeth Taylor and the dashing Richard Burton may have helped bring Lindsay Lohan's career back, it turned out to be the one thing Lohan must've been dreading: a comedy fest for the audience. Now, for your viewing pleasure, we've compiled a list of the top ten best tweets about this unintentional comedic movie.

1. Political Humor

opie radio
Opie Radio, Twitter

2. Predictably, 'Liz and Dick' is a Trainwreck

heather mcdonald twitter

It's like a train wreck or a car accident; it's horrible, but yet you can't take your eyes off of the utter devastation. We'd love to know what the casting director was thinking when they hired Lindsay Lohan to play the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor. No. Just no.

3. The Next Celebrity Couple Biopic?

patton oswalt twitter
Patton Oswalt, Twitter

Hopefully, Lifetime won't read this tweet because the last thing that we need is some cheesy and horrible acted movie about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Please, Television Gods, spare us that misery! Our livers can't handle another horrible biopic!

4. Even the Extras Know It's Horrible

james urbaniak twitter
James Urbaniak, Twitter

When even the extras are stiff, bored, and unconvincing, you know this movie is a mess. We wonder how much they got paid to put up with this atrocity. Hopefully it was a decent amount; they should get a handsome compensation for dealing with this comedy.

5. Those Poor Editors

tim heidecker
Tim Heidecker, Twitter

How much do you want to bet that five minutes in, Lifetime's editors threw up their hands and just gave up? Goodness knows that we can't blame them, they can only fix so much.

6. La Lohan: More of a Train Wreck than the Civil War

neko case twitter
Neko Case, twitter

Like the Confederate States of America, Lohan failed in her bid for freedom from her scandalous past. Sorry Lindsay, but next time you'll actually have to y'know, do your research and actually act. A shocker, we know.

7. This..is…Inception!

Nic Dressel
Nic Dressel, Twitter

Clearly 'Liz and Dick' is an 'Inception'-style nightmare we're all having. Nolan, DiCaprio, this is all your fault! You put the idea of 'Liz and Dick' into the heads of the Lifetime execs as some sick joke. Right?

8. Not Just Bad, But Tracy Jordan Bad

morning gloria twitter
Morning Gloria, Twitter

When even a Tracy Jordan movie is better than 'Liz and Dick,' you know you're in trouble. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton must be rolling over in their graves right now.

9. Biggest Disaster Since Hurricane Sandy

jensen karp twitter
Jensen Karp, Twitter

When your viewers are prepping for the premiere of your Elizabeth Taylor biopic in pretty much the exact same manner as all of the East Coast prepped for Hurricane Sandy, you know that 'Liz and Dick' is a Frankenstorm-sized epic disaster of a television movie. At least a few (unintentional) laughs were had.

10. Sorry Lindsay, You're Just Not Dame Elizabeth

lindsay lohan twitter
Lindsay Lohan, Twitter

While she gets an A for effort on trying to put a positive spin on the train wreck that is 'Liz and Dick', let's face it -- La Lohan will never in a million years be as graceful, poised, classy, or as beautiful as Dame Elizabeth Taylor. The Queen was an accomplished actress as well, and Lohan is...Lindsay Lohan. It's amazing how someone could be a decent actress at the age of 10 and yet fail so hard as an adult. Thankfully for Elizabeth Taylor's legacy, no one will remember this hot mess a year from now.

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