Britney Spears turned 30 a few months ago. Since she joined the cast of 'The Mickey Mouse Club' at age 11, and then became a full-fledged pop sensation at 17, it's as if she grew up in front of our eyes.

This video condenses all of that growing up and then some into a :60 second face morph montage which takes us from when Spears was a bouncing baby to the present day.

The video's creator said she tried to "capture the turmoil and the success [Britney] has experienced.' And, yeah, teenage Britney is the picture of the all-American girl, whereas mid-20s Britney is a not-so-hot mess and cautionary tale. (Shaving your head will do that to you. As will being photographed with Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline.)

The exercise has a happy ending, with Britney looking quite fit and mentally stable these days. If she can keep it up, we just might be watching sort of crazy 3-D Britney face morph hologram in another 30 years.