Lindsay Lohan is doing quite the tour of NBC this week. The actress turned tabloid disaster will host 'Saturday Night Live' on Saturday, did an interview on 'Today' Thursday morning, and stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Thursday evening.

During her appearance on 'Late Night,' Lohan further proved that she will do whatever it takes to get back in our good graces by playing Pictionary with Fallon and two audience members. So how did she do?

Well, she got off to a pretty atrocious start. Not only was she unable to draw a convincing picture of "pole vaulting," but she claimed she had never before heard of the Olympic sport. Not good, Lindsay.

However, she recovered quite nicely and actually ended up winning the game along with her audience member partner.

In fact, it was Fallon who played like he had just emerged sluggish from a five-year cycle of substance abuse and shame. What ultimately tripped him up was a drawing of a "moonwalk," which he identified as 'walk moon" but wasn't able to think quickly enough to reverse the words. Not good, Jimmy. You just got shamed on national television by Lindsay Lohan.

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