It's been six years since Lindsay Lohan lasted hosted 'Saturday Night Live.' And those six years have been interesting for the actress.

Lohan will be hosting 'SNL' for the fourth time this week with musical guest Jack White. According to sources, she has told the show's writers that nothing is off limits. Based on the promos she taped for Saturday's show below, this could also be pretty interesting.

In her promo with Kenan Thompson, she jokes about having been living in the SNL studio for the last six years. (Well, that would certainly gell with what some former cast members have said about the drug use that goes on there.)

She's also pretty good in the spots. Sometimes people forget that before the tabloid antics, Lohan was a critically acclaimed actresses who had, among other things, hosted 'SNL' three times by age 20. Here are some classic Lohan SNL skits to remind you of the now-25-year-old's comedic chops.

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