Given that this was Kristen Wiig's last episode as a 'Saturday Night Live' cast member, it was no huge surprise to see 'SNL' favorites appearing alongside her. This goes especially for Jon Hamm, as he has become the show's go-to star for cameos.

The 'Mad Men' star showed up in the cold opening, which was a parody of 'The Lawrence Welk Show.' Wiig reprised her role as the most "special" of the four singing Dooneese sisters, and as for Hamm, he played Italian crooner Gionni Prosciutto who's looking for love in all the wrong places.

Watch things get really awkward between the two 'Bridesmaids' co-stars.

When the more traditionally attractive Dooneeses return home to America, Prosciutto is left with the small-handed, dirty-minded sister. But instead of lamenting his bad luck, he makes the most of it and it's all pretty disgustingly hilarious.

Even though Wiig is leaving the show, we wouldn't be surprised if she makes some cameos of her own in the years to come, like some other former 'SNL'-ers have done before. Would this bizarre Dooneese character be one you'd like to see her bring back?