While this weekend's episode of 'Saturday Night Live' was a big moment for host Sofia Vergara, it also marked the debut of new cast member Kate McKinnon on the show.

The 27-year-old, who first made a name for herself on the LOGO network's 'Big Gay Sketch Show,' impersonated Penelope Cruz in a Pantene commercial with Vergara. While the 'Modern Family' star is beloved for her heavy Spanish accent, it was Cruz who found the words difficult to pronounce.

All she had to do was read the script about all the harmful ingredients Pantene Pro-V doesn't contain, but she just couldn't pull it off. How embarrassing for Cruz, right? Seriously, who can't pronounce "alkyl benzene sulfonate" perfectly the first time? Sofia had no problem with her lines.

So, now that you've seen McKinnon in action, are you happy with the show's new edition?