Ben & Jerry's recently pulled the fortune cookies from their Taste The Lin-Sanity frozen yogurt because some people were offended that fortune cookies would be used to celebrate an Asian-American. However, we wouldn't be surprised if what's actually bothering Jeremy Lin is the eBay seller who has been hawking his college-era boxer briefs on the auction site for $1,000.

And how did eBay user tieyourshoe7 get hold of said magical undergarments? As he explains in the eBay listing:

My brother's friend went to Harvard and was in the same dorm, got his boxers from the dryer on accident. Got them from him for $100 because he's stupid. Buy now and these could be worth a lot in the future."

Well, at least we know that the underwear is clean. Although an entrepreneurial young man like tieyourshoe7 would probably be charging even more if the unmentionables hadn't been somewhat de-Linned through the wash.

Anyway, the ad has since been pulled. We're not sure if that's because the seller realized that he was the one who had been ripped off by his brother's Harvard-educated friend, or because he found somebody who would pay a grand for the lin-derwear elsewhere.

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