Jeremy Lin and the 'Linsanity' that he created amongst fans with his nerd-chic Cinderella story has officially crossed over into the world of musical theater. While breaking into song may not be the best way to tell your peers that you are a future basketball star, his incredible dance moves speak volumes.

Jeremy Lin has been all of the buzz on the Web mostly because he came out of nowhere and for the fact that he graduated Harvard with a 3.1 in economics. In this sketch, Lin is portrayed as a nerdy mathlete who dreams of proving himself on the basketball court, but is continually shunned by his peers.

One day, Jeremy gets his chance to shine when the jocks are missing a player. Lin rises to the challenge and wows them with his impeccable ball handling skills, and flawless dance routine. The rest, as they say, is history. There may be a few historical inaccuracies peppered in this tale but we like to imagine that Jeremy Lin's big break involved jazz hands.

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