You can tell that President Barack Obama is gearing up for the 2012 election because he is starting to do a lot of interviews. He even granted ESPN's "Sports Guy" Bill Simmons a chat in the White House, where talk inevitably turned to New York Knicks point guard and "linternet linsation" Jeremy Lin.

When Simmons asked Obama what it's been like to be replaced as the nation's most famous Harvard graduate, Obama knew exactly who Simmons was referring to.

The Commander-in-Chief said:

Jeremy Lin is doing good. And I knew about Jeremy before you did, or everybody else did, because Arne Duncan, my Secretary of Education, was captain of the Harvard team. And so way back when, Arne and I were playing and he said, 'I’m telling you, we’ve got this terrific guard named Jeremy Lin at Harvard.' And then one of my best friends, his son is a freshman at Harvard, and so when he went for a recruiting trip he saw Lin in action. So I’ve been on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon for a while."

So there you have it. Obama's been driving the Linwagon ever since you were in your Michael Jordan diapers. Barack Obama -- America's first hipster President.

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