Yesterday we brought you the inevitable Jeremy Lin/'Teen Wolf' mash-up 'Lin In The End.' But really what everybody has been waiting for on the Jeremy Lin song parody front is for someone to step up and remake the Pearl Jam classic 'Jeremy' into an ode to the New York Knicks sensation.

Jimmy Fallon, who doesn't generally need much of an excuse to channel a rock legend like Eddie Vedder, is now that someone.

On Thursday's 'Late Night,' Jimmy donned his grunge-iest jacket, held the mic close, and sang 'Jeremy (Lin)' as Eddie Vedder.

The Lin train did take a bit of detour last night, as the 23-year-old was humbled by LeBron James and the Miami Heat in a nationally televised game. So if you were having any Lin doubt, Fallon's ode offered a good recap of everything everyone loves about the point guard.

Actually, we were a little surprised that Vedder himself wasn't the one to turn his most famous hit into a tribute to Lin. He's known to be a big basketball fan and Pearl Jam was originally called Mookie Blaylock, a homage to the '90s era NBA point guard of the same name. But we love when Fallon channels rock gods, so it all worked out in the end.

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