Reality star and famous dater of athletes Kim Kardashian looks like she has her eyes on America's newest jock sensation. In a related story, the sun rose and set today.

Yup, Jeremy Lin, the Harvard graduate point guard who has revitalized the New York Knicks and energized the entire sports world is now in the laser-sights of America's premiere athlete paramour. According to a report in Media Takeout, Kim thinks Jeremy is "cute." Run, Jeremy! Run away now. 

So is Kim using her connection to Lin's teammate Carmelo Anthony -- who's married to her friend Lala -- to arrange a date with the 23-year old basketball sensation?

Media Takeout also reports that Lin is EXTREMELY EXCITED (emphasis is theirs) to meet E!'s brightest star who isn't Ice-T and/or Coco.

Keep in mind that Media Takeout isn't always the world's most reliable source. Nevertheless, we are not too surprised that Kim K. would be interested in Lin, as he's the hottest thing going right now and she's a master at doing and saying things that will get her into the headlines.

But we're not quite sure what Lin would be getting out of dating a Kardashian. It didn't work out so well for Kim's last NBA boyfriend, Kris Humphries, who's now booed everywhere he goes because of his high profile divorce from Kim and the Kardashian clan in general.

Plus, Lin is a devout Christian who strives to set a good example for other such believers. Do you think he knows about Kim's original "reality" tape?

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