Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow are inevitably being compared to each other because they are both athletes who have had their abilities questioned, and are both devout Christians who are open with their faith.

Now the two sensations are linked for a third reason. Just like folks started to imitate Tebow's signature kneel -- which become the internet meme Tebowing --  fans of Lin have taken to replicating a part of the special handshake he shares with teammate Landry Fields.

Linning, as it's described by the insta -website is "to rock your geek glasses proudly while dominating life like our beloved superstar and supernerd Jeremy Lin."

It's not entirely clear if the glasses that are part of Lin's handshake with Fields is a reference to nerdom. However, Lin has proudly spoofed his geek tendecies in the past. And since Lin is a Harvard graduate and Fields a Stanford grad, it does seem a plausible explanation for why the two make their hands into glasses when they congratulate each other on good plays.

Much like Tebowing, Linning is quite easy to do. Although the most authentic form of Linning would require a partner. Check out more of our favorite photos and video of Linning in action below.