The Jeremy Lin tale is one of a basketball player who happens to be a little different than his teammates coming out of nowhere to dominate  from the point guard position. So where have we seen that story before?

Yup, 'Teen Wolf,' the 1985 movie in which Michael J. Fox played a much more hirsute and acrobatic version of Lin.

In the film, the theme song 'Win in the End' plays when our werewolf hero leads his team to victory in the final game. Hmm, 'Win in the End.' What do you want to bet the song is called 'Lin in the End?'

That's actually Mark Safan, who sung the original song, doing the vocals for 'Lin in the End.' Which is reminiscent of the 'St. Elmo's Fire' theme redux John Parr recently did for Tim Tebow.

Since if they were able to snag Safan, do you think they could also get Jerry Levine -- the guy who played "Stiles" in 'Teen Wolf' -- to relocate to the Madison Square Garden and be Jeremy Lin's best friend? We'd pay ten bucks to see that movie.

Check out the original 'Win in the End' below.

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