As is often pointed out on the internet, there are many things to dislike about Canadian frat rockers Nickelback. Not the least of which is lead singer Chad Kroeger's grating habit of pained, messiah-like poses in the band's music videos. However in Nickelback's latest effort, Kroeger doesn't appear at all.

Instead -- perhaps in an attempt to curry favor with those with good taste -- the video for 'Trying Not To Love You' stars Jason Alexander, who portrayed George Costanza on 'Seinfeld' and who is currently sporting a rather disorienting wig.

Showing off the acting chops that helped make 'Seinfeld' one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history, Alexander actually plays two characters -- a good barista and an evil barista -- who use their skills with the cappuccino machine to vie for the love of 'Baywatch' babe Brooke Burke.

Yes, that sounds pretty ridiculous on paper. But it's a music video, a medium never known for its storytelling coherence.

In fact, the video's glossy goofiness and Kroeger's aggressively brooding singing style creates a pretty fun contrast. Is Nickelback in on the joke? And, if so, would it still be funny?

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