Nickelback is the band everybody loves to hate. Well, everybody besides the loyal fans of the Canadian rockers, who have sold over 50 million records worldwide, as they are quick to tell you.

As of today, there is no Nickelback fan more loyal than 22-year-old Kevin Beaudette of Tupper Lake, NY, who risked life and limb to see the band.

After consuming his fair share of adult beverages, Beaudette attempted to sneak into the Saratoga Performing Arts Center [SPAC] where Nickelback was playing. The venue happens to be somewhat protected by a gorge, and poor Beaudette lost his footing and fell 40 feet while trying to gate crash.

"Last evening an individual who appeared to be intoxicated, and who was outside the venue, apparently lost his footing and slipped down the embankment that runs along SPAC's Route 50 parking lot," SPAC's president Marcia White said in a statement.

When security couldn't get to Beaudette, the fire department was called in. They were able to free him, and he was treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

We'd like to make the requisite joke about Nickelback being awful here, but we are feeling a little humbled by Beaudette's reckless dedication to the band. You win, Chad Kroeger. You win.