The highlight of last night's VMAS, MTV's annual reminder that they're still tangentially related to the music industry, was easily the multiple shots of stars reacting to Miley Cyrus' super awkward performance. Oh, also 'N Sync reunited or something and provided an answer to "what does Chris Kirkpatrick look like these days"?

But we know it's the GIFs you want, and most of the best ones came from celebrities in the audience throwing shade at whoever was performing. Check out all the best reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs below.

Miley Cyrus twerked all up on Robin Thicke's grill:

Also, Miley "danced" with a bunch of people (possibly furries?) dressed like teddy bears. Which caused Rihanna and members of One Direction to react like this:

As you can see below, Drake was super enthused to attend the annual celebration of the art of music video and be amongst his music industry peers:

Taylor Swift couldn't handle the sight of the former 'Hannah Montana' star acting out some sort of psycho-sexual pantomime in front of millions of people:

So, like us, she turned to drink:

Later, she had this reaction to One Direction presenting an award:

Did she just say "shut the front door??"

The rest of the time, she did her best "white girl funk" dance:

Finally, while not a GIF, the Smith family had the best reaction to the televised nightmare that was Miley's performance:


Though they were probably reacting to Lady Gaga. Say goodnight, Gaga!