Watch this and brace yourselves. Literally. Several heart attacks were nearly had today thanks to this song. If you need to be suddenly startled (narcolepsy, general malaise, it's been a while since you've shouted expletives), "Lady Bump" by Penny McLean is probably the song for you.

Be sure to stick around for the whole song, or else you might miss what one dear mother gently described as a "screeching/screaming sound that sounds like James Brown lost his testicles." We thought it was more of an eagle battle cry, but what's the point of mincing words?

Also, the set looks like leftovers from a low budget sci-fi film, and the dancing...when it comes to her big moment on the floor, Penny McLean sort of shambles about like a mom chaperoning a party on her way to the punch bowl who just wants to get some punch but doesn't want to look like she isn't dancing.

True to the lyrics, if this were happening in a club, you would definitely look at her as you walk by. You might not look back, and you probably wouldn't stop, but you would definitely look at her.

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