Ladies, if your man has a wandering eye, then you best heed the advice of Lisa Gail. In her song '3 Second Rule,' the singer (and we use that word very loosely) advises men to leer for three seconds only, then look away. Of course, Gail's message about relationships is totally obscured by how spectacularly awful the song itself is.

Seriously, Gail's song is so terrible it makes us pine for Rebecca Black. (Or even Double Take.) While playing the role of sexy schoolteacher to a group of black hat-wearing cowboys, Gail sings banal, rhyme-challenged lyrics like: "When you're walking down the street / I see you having a peek / Just stay behind the line and within the timeframe / Because I'm all you need / That's when my three second rule comes into play."

Of course, Gail sings off-key throughout the entire song. Her pitchiness is rivaled only by her apparently tone deaf backup singers, who sound like screaming cats. And we haven't even touched on the song's overly simplistic beat and the highly amateurish way the video was shot. Still, there's something endlessly entertaining about this never-ending train wreck. Honestly, we can't wait to see what Gail does next.

What do you think? Is Gail's song so bad it's good? Or is it just bad?

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