Halloween may be next week, but Brooklyn's 'Hallowmeme' party got the costumed fun started early. The fourth annual event, put on by the folks at Forced Meme Productions, gives people the chance to dress up like their favorite internet sensations. There were lots of McKayla Maroneys and Psys, but people also repped some less-popular memes as well. Skull Trumpet and High Expectations Asian Father both made appearances, and of course there was a 'Gangnam Style' dance-off and plenty of Honey Boo Boos. Here is all that, plus our personal faves.

Gangnam Style Dance-Off

Grumpy Cat

stfuparents, Instagram

Skull Trumpet

stfuparents, Instagram

Go Home, You Are Drunk

rleenewell, Instagram

Condescending Wonka

draculorjo, Instagram

Lana Del Rey Dances Everywhere

Forced Meme Productions

High Expectations Asian Father

doncald, Instagram

Binders Full of Women

Forced Meme Productions

Somebody That I Used to Know

gigiagius, Instagram

Stingray Bomb

lauren_k_olson, Instagram

Hipster Marty McFly

_seanfleming, Instagram

Hot Cheetos And Takis

taylorloren, Instagram

Fired Big Bird

lauren_k_olson, Instagram

McKayla Is Not Impressed

Forced Meme Productions

Botched Ecce Homo Painting

kellyreeves, Instagram

Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan (Gosling)

aparnamuk, Instagram

2nd Place Costume Winner, Ermahgerd Girl

Forced Meme Productions/Molly Templeton, Facebook

Champion of the Evening, Honey Boo Boo

lauren_k_olson, Instagram