When it was announced that Republican Paul Ryan would be running as Mitt Romney's sidekick for vice president, the world noticed a few things. One, the guy's name is two first names and that is just plain ridiculous. Two, this dude is in shape, and, three, his surname shares a first name with American superstar and internet sensation Ryan Gosling. Oh Ryan, how do we love thee? Let us meme the ways.

And as the 2012 world wide web would have it, a Twitter page and even a Tumblr was created, spawning dozens of memes and tweets "created" by the mash-up persona Paul Ryan Gosling.

As the ultra-smooth Paul Ryan Gosling says on his Tumblr page: "I like my women like I like my cheese curds -- yellow, squeaky and distrustful of big government programs that benefit the poor and middle class."

Let's check out some more soon-to-be classics from Paul Ryan Gosling.

Obama & Hitler

Pineapple Tattoo

Vice President Hat

Ayn Rand Fan

Birth Control

Sarah Palin - Failed VP

Oh, It's Ryan Gosling!

Global Warming

Paul Ryan -- Pro-Man