Check out look-alikes of your favorite characters and celebs.

10 Greatest 'Family Guy' Look-alikes
What's it like to go through life looking like a well-known cartoon character? Luckily, most of us will never know. But these unfortunate individuals all have the dubious distinction of looking like characters from 'Family Guy.'
Human Barbie Twins
Valeria Lukyanova's deliberately plastic looks have garnered her fame and notoriety as the "Human Barbie." But while the 24-year-old with the bleach blonde hair and the impossibly thin waist really stands out, she's not unique.
Not Twins!
We've personally never encountered a look-alike, but it would have to be pretty unsettling. Fortunately, the subjects of Montreal photographer Francois Brunelle's pictures don't seem to mind that much, as they were willing to have their picture taken with their (non-biological) twin.
'Grumpy Cat' Look-alikes
We realize we are facing an election of much greater importance than this. In fact, it's totally stressing us out. So cast a vote where it doesn't matter, and help us pick the best 'Grumpy Cat' look-alike. Yes, it's your duty as a citizen of these great United States to decide which of the following pouty folks most resembles the internet's favorite sour-puss. (Get it??) The winner will receive ab
Did Jerry Garcia Appear in a Horseradish Jar?
Recently, 50-year-old Florida native Tom Haupert found what he describes as something "amazing" in his horseradish jar -- a picture of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. It's not an actual photo of Garcia on the jar; we're talking about the horseradish being in the shape of him. Yeah, we're starting to wonder if Tom's horseradish was perhaps spiked with something...
Does This Crab Look Like Jesus or Osama Bin Laden?
It wasn't until the Canfield family returned home from their crabbing trip near Hat Island last weekend that they realized this was no ordinary crabbing trip. To the contrary, they potentially found the face of two very influential people (in different ways, of course) on the underside of one of their captives --  Jesus and Osama Bin Laden.
Justin Bieber Look-alike Trolls Fans Outside Hotel
Want to know how you can have fun trolling Beliebers (that's what Justin Bieber fans like to call themselves)? This Bieber look-alike was staying at the same hotel the popstar was in and decided to fool the fans outside by waving to them. The fans scream in joy -- but don't realize it's not the real Biebs.
Meet Brad Pitt’s Brother Doug and His Average Life
Being a celebrity sibling can be tough. But for every Frank Stallone or Don Swayze who becomes a punchline because they've also tried to make it in entertainment, there are hundreds of brothers and sisters of the famous that you've never heard about because they are busy living completely normal lives. Until now Doug Pitt -- brother of Brad -- was one of those anonymous siblings.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s Twin Is a 1960s Schoolgirl
We've always trusted the "official" story that Leonardo DiCaprio was born a man on November 11th, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. But new evidence has emerged concerning the superstar that has us questioning both Wikipedia and common sense.

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