Being a celebrity sibling can be tough. But for every Frank Stallone or Don Swayze who becomes a punchline because they've also tried to make it in entertainment, there are hundreds of brothers and sisters of the famous that you've never heard about because they are busy living completely normal lives.

Until now Doug Pitt -- brother of Brad -- was one of those anonymous siblings.

But Brad's photojournalist brother just had a coming out party of sorts by appearing in an ad for Virgin Mobile Australia, which promises "celebrity deals at celebrity brother prices." Learn more about the life of the "second most famous Pitt in his family" below.

As has been pointed out, Doug looks like a cross between his brother and Zach Braff. (We also detect a hint of Val Kilmer.)

Doug happens to be a natural in front of the camera, with a winning deadpan delivery and a self-deprecating sense of humor. In fact, if we were to compare this ad to Brad's embarrassing early appearances in commercials we'd have to say Doug is better. It may well be that the wrong Pitt got into acting.