Check out look-alikes of your favorite characters and celebs.

Real-Life Helga From ‘Hey Arnold!’ Has a Real-Life Unibrow
Some of us can't imagine there being a real-life version of Helga from 'Hey Arnold!' walking around in the world. Remember how her bossiness, crazy mood swings and constantly loud voice -- which is probably where the show got it's name ("Hey, Arnold!") -- drove us all to madness? Guess wha…
Is This Elijah Wood or Steve Buscemi?
Elijah Wood is a handsome fellow. Albeit in a Hobbit-ish way. (Which has served him quite well, clearly.)
But some things can't be unseen, and after taking a look at this weirdly cut-up photo of the 31-year-old, we're not sure if we're going to ever be able to view The Wood the same wa…
James Franco Channels Kevin Federline in ‘Spring Breakers’
James Franco likes to keep us guessing. Whether it's hosting the Oscars (badly), playing a recurring role on a soap opera or simultaneously pursuing graduate degrees in just about every subject available, the 33-year-old does all kinds of offbeat stuff that most actors of his stature wouldn't even a…
Does This Stargazer Fish Look Like Homer Simpson?
While many other cartoon characters have living, breathing counterparts in real life, fans of Homer Simpson have had to content themselves with this lifeless (but admittedly Homer-esque) 800-year-old carved stone head, which was recently unearthed in a garden in Scotland. Until now.
Does This Piece of Popcorn Look Like Garfield?
Now that a woman in Nebraska may have netted $8,000 for a Chicken McNugget that looks like George Washington, the race is on to find the next item of food which resembles someone famous.
And we have an earlier leader. A piece of popcorn that looks like Garfield. If you don't see it at first thin…
Does This Dog Make the Best Real-Life Chewbacca or What?
Chewbacca is the true man's best friend. In 'Star Wars,' he always had Han Solo's back, even when they were about to be shot in the head by a bunch of stormtroopers. He's the tough fur ball with a heart of gold, so it's only natural for someone to want to create their o…
iGhost? ‘Steve Jobs’ Sighted at Pittsburgh Bar
As Apple unveiled its new iPad, the Twittersphere exploded when a user in Pittsburgh spotted someone who looked like the late Apple CEO sitting at a bar and working on a laptop. Before you start with the "Steve Jobs walks into a bar" jokes, check out the full photo below.
Is This the Real-Life Carl from ‘Up’?
We've come across too many real-life representations of cartoon characters to count, but this one may be the greatest ever. Prepare yourselves for a man who looks exactly -- and we mean exactly -- like Carl from Disney-Pixar's fantastic film 'Up. '

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