Recently, 50-year-old Florida native Tom Haupert found what he describes as something "amazing" in his horseradish jar -- a picture of Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia. It's not an actual photo of Garcia on the jar; we're talking about the horseradish being in the shape of him. Yeah, we're starting to wonder if Tom's horseradish was perhaps spiked with something...

The jar sits in Haupert's refrigerator as a monument, just to the right of his Bud Light beer can. And if you know anything, the opinion of someone who loves Bud Light is never anything but valid!

Moving onward, Haupert told The Huffington Post, "It was amazing -- and it still looks perfect. [The picture] is stuck on the side. At some point the horseradish started dripping down and just stayed like that." Well that's good. We can't imagine how terrifying a zombie horseradish Jerry Garcia would be.

As if we had to say anything, Haupert is a total "Dead Head." He claims to have seen 43 live shows, nine of which featured Garcia, and admits that he sees Garcia in practically everything.

Thinking of taking a closer look at the face? You're in luck; he's mulling over the idea of selling the jar on eBay or starting up a website called Get a closer look at the jar below, and let us know if you too see Horseradish Jerry.