The mark of a good 'SNL' host is one that has the ability to laugh at themselves.  This past Saturday, Zooey Deschanel hosted 'SNL' for the first time and while she was a little nervous and not always perfect, the 'New Girl' star had a solid run, highlighted by a skit that laughed at her own quirky persona.

"Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel" was the standard 'SNL' skit where a celebrity hosts a ridiculous talk show (see: "It's Miley") but taken to the next level when Zooey (played by Abby Elliott) meets Zooey (playing Mary-Kate Olsen).  Already hilarious, this skit gets bonus points for a killer Michael Cera impression from Taran Killam and Kristen Wiig as shy, giggling Bjork. Check out the funny sketch below.

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