You've watched your home move from Chicago to New York to New Jersey. You attend press releases with the police commissioner just like a regular kid. Chances are strong you're an orphan.  But are you really a Gotham City kid? Here are 15 signs that prove you are.

1. Growing up, your parents told you scary stories about Doctor Gotham.

DC Comics

2. Your favorite uncle died of Clench.

DC Comics

3. You actually know who Plastic Man is.

DC Comics

4. You remember that massive earthquake.

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5. And subsequently being declared a No Man's Land.

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6. You sincerely doubt Commissioner Gordon is ever going to retire for real.

7. Is it just you, or has Robin been a "Boy Wonder' for, like, ever?

8. The only booths at your high school fair were the Gotham City Police, Wayne Enterprises and one that just said “Henchmen.”


9. You went to college on a scholarship from the Wayne Foundation.

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10. You've got a pretty strong theory on Batman's identity.


11. You never went to Crime Alley, and you're **totally** fine with that.

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12. You understand the danger of giant vats of chemical sludge.


13. You're just about fed up with being gassed all the time.

 14. You were super-jealous of your best friend's collection of broken Batarangs.


15. This was your night light.

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