If you're wanting to be the next Iron Man or Hulk or if you just want a really awesome skeleton -- here's a handy guide to how you can make that happen courtesy of comedian Rusty Ward.

In his new Web series 'Science Friction,' Rusty brings real world technology to everyone's favorite tipsy superhero. Step one is probably to acquire some Tony Stark-level cash, because these things don't come cheap.

Our favorite example of an exoskeleton is probably the power loader from 'Aliens,' which we would totally take to the grocery store. Imagine that thing grabbing a box of Honey Bunches of Oats and sticking it in little basket. Terrifying AND hilarious -- which is how we like people to think of us. Also, you're going to want to watch for news about a tech company whose name you may recognize from the 'Terminator' films. Basically, we're all about to be crushed under the robotic boot of progress.

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