Tim Tebow is known for his on-the-field displays of religious faith. But on Sunday, the New York Jets quarterback spread the gospel in a more traditional manner, addressing the crowd at an outdoor Easter service in Georgetown, TX.

Over 15,000 showed up for the event, with Tebow as the main draw. He told the gathering that he believes it is important to be outspoken about your faith, and that he thinks athletes should try to be better role models. He also addressed "Tebowing," the viral photo meme that found people adopting Tim's signature kneeling pose in random places.

The 24-year old is fond of the meme because it gets people talking about his strong religious beliefs.

When asked if he ever thinks about backing off from his outward displays of faith, which are often criticized and mocked, Tebow laughed and said he has no intention of doing so.

It will be interesting to see how this unabashed Christianity will play in Tebow's new home of New York, a place known for its melting pot of religions and cultures. It is certainly an odd coupling of athlete and city. But one imagines if he helps the Jets win football games, all will be forgiven.

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