The internet is full of videos of women asking Tim Tebow out. But it was Tebow who did the asking when he heard about Presli Collins, a 10-year old fan of his who has a rare tumor condition.

Collins suffers from Neurofibromatosis, which means tumors -- which can become cancerous - develop in her spine, brain and under her skin. To fight this disease, Collins has undergone a series of excruciating surgeries.

But she got a brief reprieve from all that suffering and uncertainty when Tebow called her up and asked her to be his date to the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards.

I got to meet Tim Tebow and he's a thousand times nicer than you would think he is," Collins gushed about her first date.

Her mom, Lisa Collins, said she was shocked when Tebow's W15H foundation told her that the Denver Broncos' Quarterback wanted to take her daughter to the award show. And she was even more impressed with Tebow after he did.

"[Tebow] treated Presli like a princess, made her feel like she was the star, which was just amazing," Lisa explained.

The pair's date included a trip to a chocolate fountain and pictures with other celebrities. Learn more about Tebow's winning off-the-field move in the video below.

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