Has Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, who famously tweeted that she's a virgin, finally found the perfect man? On 'The Tonight Show' last night, Jones jokingly said she's got her eye on none other than Tim Tebow. Now Tebow has yet another reason to take a knee.

When Leno asked the Olympic hopeful about her relationship status, Jones said she's focused on the upcoming games rather than dating. Still, she might just ask Tebow to go on a prayer date in the future. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to invite Tebow to church. You know, it's a 100% way not to get rejected," she said.

Not to be outdone, Louis C.K., who was also a guest on the show last night, made a typically inappropriate (but funny) joke about a possible Jones/Tebow sex tape, which elicited loud groans from the audience. "I'm just saying, it would be very popular," he deadpanned.

Do you think Lolo and Tebow would make a cute couple?

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