As you've probably heard, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets Wednesday. It's a move that nobody really saw coming, least of whom Jimmy Fallon, who Tuesday night brought back his "Tebowie" character to sing about its inspiration's plight now that the Denver Broncos had replaced him at QB with Peyton Manning.

Tebowie first appeared back in January -- during the height of Tebow-mania -- and sang a spoof of the David Bowie hit 'Space Oddity." This time around, Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust' gets its lyrics reworked to reflect the life and times of number 15.

"He threw it left-hand/but his aim was bad/he lost to New England/Guess God’s a Brady fan," Tebowie sings. Then he gives a rather graphic description of the way Tebow was "screwed" over by the Broncos when they signed Manning.

In fact, Tebowie's lyrical suggestion for how Tebow could overcome this indignity would be to go to the New York Giants and replace Manning's brother Eli as their quarterback.

A highly unlikely scenario, sure. But little did Fallon know Tebow was headed to New York,  just instead to the city's other football team, the Jets.

Now that Tebow is comming to the media circus that is the Big Apple, we can expect to continue to hear a lot about the 24-year-old. And since Tebow and Fallon will soon both be New York-based, maybe the next Tebowie spoof will feature a duet with the genuine article. We bet they could do a killer version of 'Under Pressure.'

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